Dr. Abdul Momen

Abdul Momen, the founding and incumbent president of BACABANA, is currently working as manager of chemistry department at SHINE Medical Technologies in Janesville, WI. He studied Applied Chemistry at University of Dhaka and graduated with a PhD from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2015. His PhD research and postdoctoral research at Argonne National Lab and Oak Ridge National Lab focused on separation of radionuclides and other metal ions using extractive separation techniques.

Dr. Abul Hussam

Abul Hussam is now a Professor of Chemistry and the Director for the Center for Clean Water and Sustainable Technologies (CCWST) in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at George Mason University, Virginia, USA. Professor Hussam graduated from the Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka with a B.Sc. (Hons) in 1975, M.Sc in 1976, and Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, USA in 1982. After a postdoctoral research at the University of Minnesota he joined the George Mason University in 1985. Professor Hussam’s research and teaching areas include analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and chemistry in organized media. These experiences allowed him to develop novel experimental techniques including measurement, and mitigation of toxic arsenic species in groundwater.

Professor Hussam has published and presented over 100 scientific papers in international journals, proceedings, and books. He was awarded the 2007 Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability from the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE), TIME Magazine- Global Heroes of the Environment in 2007, Outstanding American by Choice by US Citizenship and Immigrations Services in 2008, Doctor of Science Honoris Causa (D.Sc.), University of Dhaka in 2009, and the University of Pittsburgh 225th Anniversary Medallion in 2014 to name a few. Professor Hussam believes education, science and technology education, in particular, are the only means to lift countries out of poverty.

Dr. A K Fazlur Rahman

Dr. Rahman have been teaching  chemistry at the  Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics and at the University of Oklahoma since 1991. He has been  coaching chemistry Olympiad, National Science Bowl and Test of Engineering aptitude in Science and Mathematics competition for more than  two decades. 

He  has successfully integrated research as a teaching tool 

for undergraduates and gifted high school students in Oklahoma. His research interests include metals in medicine, hyper valency and dative bonding in Carbon. 

Dr. Azad Hossain

Azad Hossain was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and received his BS and MS degrees in Chemistry from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. After coming to the United States, he completed his PhD in Organic Chemistry under the direction of Professor William Donaldson, from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He then completed two years of postdoctoral work at the University of California at Riverside with Professor Steven Angle; followed by an industrial post-doctoral assignment with Dr. Vittorio Farina, at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. (BIPI).  In 1996 he joined the Chemical Process Development group at Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, Illinois. After a six-year career at Abbott, in 2002 Azad joined the then newly formed BIPI Chemical Development group in Richmond, Virginia, where he was responsible for the startup and operation of the Richmond group.

In 2004 Azad relocated to Ridgefield, Connecticut and assumed the responsibility of the Process Development Laboratories (PDL) as the Associate Director of Scale-Up.  He is currently the Director of Scale-Up, where he is responsible for scale-up and the delivery of the Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (APIs) for non-clinical and clinical trials in support of  BI drug development programs. Azad currently leads multiple sections of Chemical Development; namely New Technology (Catalysis & Continuous Flow Chemistry), Radio Synthesis, Kilo-Lab, Pilot Plant, Process Safety, Hydrogenation, Scale-Up Support Lab as well as the Technical Services.